Monday, November 30, 2009

New Story Post: "Heart's Hole"

"Heart's Hole" is shamelessly inspired by one of my favorite bad place/decon work movies of all time, Brad Anderson's Session 9; it also introduces one of my first Five-Family coven characters, the sadly gifted Jo Glouwer, "granddaughter" of Euwphaim. When the story was first published a few years back, in Tightrope Books' In the Dark anthology, my editors--Myna Wallin and Halli Villegas--asked me to conform to their 4,000-words-or-less standard by cutting nearly 2,000 words' worth of subplot and character development, including some of my favorite darlings. So...I've restored them! Enjoy what I like to call the "Time, the Revelator remix" version, here (

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